Monday, 14 December 2015

Get your kid a fly swat for xmas.

Don’t stress about presents this Christmas, my advice…pretend you have no money….or even better if you are like me and actually have no money all of a sudden Christmas becomes a lot more creative and a lot less about the presents….

I have always been a gift giver, it is definitely my ‘love language’ which means I appreciate a well thought out, not necessarily expensive gift where the giver has really put me into their heads and thought up something I will absolutely love. So naturally I like to give gifts to others, and when Christmas rolls around I love nothing more than to think about my kids, and hubby and what I can get them to put a smile on their faces…

However this year, as funds are a little tighter than usual (and by little I mean a lot!) I have had to get a lot more creative in the gift department. I have set myself limits (financial ones) which means you really put a lot more thought into whether they are actually going to love it, or use it once and send it to the back of the wardrobe.  I have come to the realisation that it really doesn’t take much to thrill the kids. For example (now this is quite left field) my 18 month old will this year be receiving from Santa a pack of fly swats from the $2 shop.

Now…you may either be cracking up at this or disgusted….or a mixture but let me explain, my 18 month old girl is OBSESSED with our fly swat, she likes to chase her sister with it, she likes to pretend she is swatting flies and she likes to lick it…hence the need for her own which I am sure will never come within a metre of actually hitting a fly.

Now I know that she will love this gift. I know she will be delighted when she opens it, and yes I will try and get her reaction on camera…and it cost me…da da daaaaa $2. She will love this so much more than a computer thingy where she presses the buttons, more than a miniature guitar or tiny set of drums that look oh so cute, more than a watchamacallit with lights and things that make noise….

So she has a few more gifts all along these lines where instead of just thinking ‘ohhh that is gorgeous’ and shelling out big dollars for beautiful things, which I have done in the past, I have thought about the things that actually tickle her and her sisters fancy and things which also don’t necessarily have to match the d├ęcor….

And guess what….? It’s all been far less stressful, more fun and waaaayyyyy less expensive. Leaving me time and money to spend on us having fun together as a family this summer, and if she doesn’t like the fly swat then there’s always the pack of wash cloths I got her…