Sunday, 29 November 2015

Christmas in a Jar

Christmas is different with kids.

And by different I mean better… looking back on Christmas in my 20’s it was kind of a strange time…no kids running around, not so many pressies to open (and they were generally a bit wack…) no one knowing what to get anyone else, driving a lot from one parents house to the next, making sure we saw all the family…

I much prefer it now, with the excitement from the kids Christmas is simply more fun, more exciting and … yep more expensive.

With sooo much choice out there these days it can absolutely do your head in trying to get ‘just the right thing’. To help combat the expense, (and to reduce the amount of wack presents) our family have a solution. Every year the family tries to come up with a genius new way to not spend much on the adults (it is all about the kids after all). We have had secret santa’s with a price limit, swap a present, pick one name out of a hat and buy one semi decent thing for them…..But this year my mum has come up with ‘Christmas in a Jar’.

So we will be involving the kids with this one too. Everyone fills a jar (with whatever…) and wraps it up so you can’t see what’s in it, still to be decided how we are going to choose who gets what, may be a lucky dip type scenario.

So I have been researching a little to see what’s out there, and there are some really creative and ingenious ideas (gotta love pinterest!), which I thought I would share as I am going to also do some of these for people I would like to thank for the year, but have limited funds to spend on such as my daughters school teacher, daycare teachers – who are fabulous, friends etc.

So here are some of the top runners…

 Cupcake in a Jar - yum! You can find the instructions here - But basically you make some cupcakes, cut them in half, stuff them in the jar with some icing...easy peasy and looks so cute. My daughter could make these for her teacher! 

 Being a Baileys fan I love this one! Hot choc powder, marshmellows, baileys...done! You could also do a kid friendly one with a choc dipped spoon instead of the Baileys

Handmade snow globes! This will be a present from the kids to their Nana I think! Instructions are here

Similar to the Baileys one this looks and would taste delicious! Ingredients are here

This is a cute idea to give someone to do with their kids before xmas, making the cookies for Santa, you could pretty much use any basic biscuit ingredients

Presented so beautifully this makes for a very treaty gift - sugar scrub for your body which apparently tightens and treats your skin...the recipe is here

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